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Dedicated Economic Centre in Tambuttegama

For the first time in Sri Lanka, Digital Economic Center with daily prices

Daily Prices
Launch of a Digital Economic Center

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16 years of pride


Providing high prices to the manufacturer and high-quality products with a reasonable price to the customer


To create Sri Lanka one of the highest living countries in Asia by improving the living standards of Sri Lankan consumers and manufacturers.

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Launch of a Digital Economic Center

Digital identity card

This digital identity card is valid for all those who bring and carry vegetables, fruits and other items to the Thambuththegama Economic Center. This identity card provides information on entry and exit to the Economic Center and all data on vegetables, fruits and other crops brought in can be found at the Economic Center. At the same time, there is the ability to be easily informed in the event of an emergency.

Launch of a Digital Economic Center

Information management system

With this, all the data on all the activities taking place at the Thambuththegama Economic Center can be found within a few minutes from a single operations center. The system facilitates the work of the office and the administration of the economic center through this system and the system is fully internet enabled so information can be accessed even from smart phone.

Launch of a Digital Economic Center

Daily pricing information.

During the sales process at the Thabuttegama Economic Institute, you can view the daily quotes offered by the Management Trust for all vegetables, fruits and other items from anywhere in the world. The system is designed to allow for a preconceived notion of price.

Launch of a Digital Economic Center

Emergency SMS Service

At the Thambuththegama Economic Center, everyone connected to the Economic Center has the opportunity to send an SMS to their mobile phone informing them of an emergency closure date or other special message. This opportunity is available to all registered at the Economic Center.

Dedicated Economic Centre in Tambuttegama

Ministers and Secretaries in charge of the subject

Hon. Mahindananda Aluthgamage

Minister of Agriculture

Hon. Shashindra Rajapaksha

State Minister of Agriculture

Mr. Anil Wijesiri

Secretary to the State Ministry of Agriculture

Mr. J.M.A. Douglas

Additional Secretary (Administration), State Ministry of Agriculture

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Paddy & Cereals, Organic Foods, Vegetables, Fruits,Promotion of chilli, onion and potato cultivation, seedsState of Production and High Tech AgricultureMinistry.

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025 22 75 171

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